Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites In The UK

Here are some of the best daily fantasy Sports Betting Sites in the United Kingdom:

  • The Telegraph fantasy football league (Free)
  • Official Premier League fantasy football (Free)
  • DraftKings (Daily fantasy for real money)
  • Betfair (Daily fantasy for real money)
  • Paddy Power (Daily fantasy for real money)
  • Fan team (Daily fantasy for real money)
  • Sky Sports Fantasy Football (Both free and/or for real money)

When it comes to market size, no one has a bigger betting market than the UK, and as of 2018, more than 100.000 people are working in the UK gambling industry

Fantasy sports have gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the last few years in the UK, and it is growing from strength to strength and here to stay. 

Fantasy Sports is Regulated in the UK

Fortunately, all fantasy betting is regulated in the UK. As a result, providers of fantasy betting services in the United Kingdom must apply for fantasy sports licenses and be approved before offering fantasy sports for money. Permits and information about licensing of fantasy sports in the UK can be obtained from the gambling commission

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites in The UK

Soccer Is King

In the UK, soccer (or football) has always been king, and the same goes for fantasy sports. The most popular fantasy soccer market in the Premier League and most of the action can be found in their official fantasy premier league game (commonly known as FPL), with over 8 million players, which grows every season. Of course, you can play fantasy sports with most other sports and leagues, but soccer is by far the most popular one. 

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites in The United Kingdom

The most popular fantasy sports platforms are usually American and free. However, nowadays, many British bookmakers offer fantasy sports for money. Big players on the real money market include DraftKings, PaddyPower, Fan team, and Betfair. 

You don’t have to play fantasy sports for real money; Fantasy Sports are a great game, and many people play for free. The UK has several great platforms which offer great fantasy sports for free. 

Free Fantasy Sports platforms in the UK

A great place to start and enjoy a fantasy sports league with your mates and other enthusiasts is one of the many platforms providing fantasy sports for free. It is fun, entertaining, and a great way to interact with your friends. The Telegraph offers three of the most popular free fantasy sports platforms, the Premier League, and Sky Sports.

Free Fantasy Sports in the UK Are Usually Football

The only annoying thing about free fantasy sports in the UK is that it tends to be restricted to football only. Some Indian fantasy betting sites offer free fantasy cricket, but these platforms are limited to free fantasy sports.  

Real money gambling in the UK

There is a long tradition of real money gambling in the UK, and fantasy sports in the UK are no exception. There are many opportunities to gamble with fantasy sports, such as the big bookmakers and more specialized platforms like Fan team, which offer fantasy sports for real money. However, please keep in mind that to succeed at fantasy sports requires significant knowledge of the game and the league you’re playing in, not to mention some luck, which means that the more you know, the better your odds of success are.  

Remember fantasy sports for real money are gambling. 

Eventhough Fantasy sports is considered harmless, it is gambling. It has the same problems as regular betting and casinos, so everybody who engages in fantasy sports must be aware of the risk of developing a gambling addiction. 

Daily fantasy sports bonus codes

There is money to be earned or saved using the fantasy sports bonus codes available in the UK.

Here is a list of some of the most popular fantasy sports companies and bookies. 

DraftKings – Promo code UK “Save” – Get a DraftKings Promotion code in the UK for up to 500$ on your first deposit.

Betfair – Open an account and use the Fantasy Sports promo code “VAL225” to get a 20 GBP risk-free bet.

Fan team – Daily fantasy sports bonus code the UK – No Code needed – Beta 20 GBP risk-free bet. 

PaddyPower – Fantasy sports bonus codes in the UK – No code needed – win prized but no specific bonus.

Where can I play fantasy sports in the UK?

It is possible to play fantasy sports for free at Premier League com, The Telegraph, and Skyport.

Is it possible to play fantasy sports for real money in the UK?

It is possible to play fantasy sports in the UK for real money on these platforms, amongst others:
Paddy Power

Is it possible to play daily fantasy sports in the UK for cash?

If you want to play daily fantasy sports in the UK for cash, you have plenty of options to choose from:
Paddy Power

Is There a Betfair Fantasy Sports UK Bonus Code?

Yes, there is; at the moment, it is “VAL225” – bet 20 GBP risk-free. See below for more fantasy sports UK bonus codes.