Independent BDSwiss Review – Is It Worth It?

One of the most famous and well-respected binary options online brokers is, without question, the Cyprus/German CFDs platform BDSwiss. The platform was established in 2012 and has since been amongst the favorites of the German-speaking and Nordic CFD traders. The following is a review of BDSwiss.

Summary: BDSwiss Is The Safe Choice.

To summarise the review, BDSwiss is a delicate and reliable choice for a binary options trader. BDSwiss is one of the prominent players on the market and the key player in the German/Scandinavian markets. What goes against BDSwiss is a relatively low repayment rate and a relatively conservative/simple website. All in all, BDSwiss is a broker with what is often taken for “German” values – a reliable broker without too many add-ons.


1: BDSwiss is a clear and straightforward platform.

One of the big pros of BDSwiss is that the BDSwiss platform is a relatively simple and manageable platform that suits most traders looking to start trading in CFDs (also known as digital options).

For many investors who want to try investing in tricky and geared products like CFDs and spread betting but are not yet ready, starting with “non-leverage” trading, BDSwiss’ relatively simple design is an excellent way to start.

2: Go big or go home.

As a key player in Europe, Germany, and Scandinavia, BDSwiss has a size that provides its traders with some security. A market-leading broker such as BDSwiss has more to lose than the average small broker and could be more willing to help their clients – it would simply be too expensive for them not to be fair to their clients.

3: BDSwiss is regulated.

CySEC in Cyprus regulates BDSwiss and makes sure that laws and regulations are adhered to. As a result, CySEC is one of the commonest regulation authorities amongst CFDs brokers.


1: Low repayment rate

The repayment rate is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right CFD broker. Trading in CFDs is similar to betting and gambling in general, and the odds are also tremendously important. (The broker keeps a little share of the money that you have invested.) A reasonable repayment rate helps you improve your odds and makes the possibility of winning bigger. The repayment rate at BDSwiss is not low, but not high either. The average repayment rate for BDSwiss is about 78 %, depending on with market you invest in.

2: Relatively conservative design

BDSwiss is not the market leader in design and investment possibilities. The platform is working and relatively secure but not as innovative as one might expect from a market leader such as BDSwiss.

3: Difficulty in getting information regarding the available BDSWISS bonus

It is difficult to like a broker who wants to keep their cards close to their chest regarding available bonuses. Many of the established CFD brokers – including BDSwiss – offer a bonus personally to investors/gamblers over the phone or by email. The BDSwiss bonus offered will be dependent on the first-time deposit from the investor.